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The SPECIAL PHONE NUMBER to call in Greece if you suspect you may have symptoms of Coronavirus is 1135

Don't travel to a hospital, clinic or doctors office.

The sketch above is of Lake Kournas in 1864, painted by Edward Lear

January 25th

I will be travelling tomorrow ( weather and planes permitting) so there may not be an update.

As I will not have access to my computer for the next couple of weeks I have re instated my old blog and I will try to put the updates on there. You can find it at https://apokoronasourhome.blogspot.com

It will be plain with no pictures etc, but I will do my best to put the most important updates on each day.


Today’s Covid figures for Greece 25/1/22

17.409 New cases

98 Deaths 

653 Intubated

1538 New cases on Crete

Chania - 424

Heraklion - 743

Rethymnon 214

Lassithi 157


Apokoronas Social Supermarket - Nippos Clothes Store.

Unfortunately, due to the forecast for continued bad weather during February, we have decided not to reopen the store on 1st February as we had hoped.

We now plan to reopen on Tuesday 1st March. 10.am until 12.noon. and of course if there is a dramatic improvement in the weather before then we will reopen and advise accordingly.

We offer our apologies and sincerely hope that you will continue to store any of your unwanted items until then & we are able to accept them.

Representatives of the Social Supermarket have access to the store if emergency items are required by needy families.

We hope that you are all coping with these winter conditions and look forward to seeing you when we reopen.

Best Wishes, Pat, Gill, Susan & Jacqui - 'The Volunteers'


A coffee bar owner in the area of Apokoronas will put his hand deep in his pocket, as he violated the mandated opening hours for the second time. It was found after a check carried out by the Greek Police. The violation was recorded at about 1 a.m.

The owner, who had received a fine for the same violation during the Christmas holidays, will have to not only pay  a fine again, this time 10,000 euros, but also close his bar for 30 days.

January 24th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 24/1/22

19.075 New cases

111 Deaths 

655 Intubated

1769 New cases on Crete

Chania - 513

Heraklion - 820

Rethymnon 249

Lassithi 187


New walk up in Apokoronas walks page

January 23rd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 23/1/22

12.108 New cases

84 Deaths 

665 Intubated

1259 New cases on Crete

Chania - 349

Heraklion - 583

Rethymnon 225

Lassithi 102


All schools in all municipalities of the prefecture of Chania are closed according to a relevant announcement of the Regional Unit of Chania issued at noon

It is announced that according to the Decision Φ.400 / 20 / 23.01.2022 Deputy Governor of Chania, all the primary and secondary schools of the Chania Regional Unit will remain closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022.

The decision was taken given the extreme weather phenomena that are expected to prevail in the next two days in the entire Regional Unit of Chania in accordance with the forecasts of EMY and the instructions of the Civil Protection.

The snowfall has started in the morning in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Chania. The low temperatures that already prevail pose a threat to the movement of students, parents and teachers to and from school units while making it impossible to implement health protocols due to a pandemic.

In case of need to extend the measure, a new announcement will be issued on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

In addition, the Regional Unit of Chania wants to draw the attention of those who travel on the road network of P.E. Chania, given that the weather phenomenon that is in progress is characterised by intense variability and change of conditions in a very short time. The driver may suddenly encounter conditions of frost, heavy snow or hail, as well as slip landslides. It is therefore recommended that only the necessary movements be made at low speeds and with increased care.

Rethymnon Regional Unit

Municipality of Rethymno

The Municipality of Rethymno, its Department of Education and the competent Deputy Mayor Mr. George Georgalis, with the consent of the Directors of the Primary School Mr. L. Karvouni and the Secondary School Mr. I. Gazanou, announce that Primary and Secondary schools of the Municipality of Rethymno will remain closed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022.

The joint decision was taken given the extreme weather phenomena that will prevail in the next two days in Rethymno. It is already snowing in the District of the Municipality while the low temperatures that prevail may cause frost on the road, a condition that makes the movement of students, teachers and parents in schools particularly dangerous.

In addition, due to the cold, it becomes practically impossible to implement the health protocol due to a pandemic according to which the windows of the classrooms must be left open during the lessons.

For the above reasons and with priority the safety and health of the students, the Primary Schools, Gymnasiums and Lyceums of the Municipality of Rethymno will reopen on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

January 22nd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 22/1/22

18.333 New cases

73 Deaths 

668 Intubated

1601 New cases on Crete

Chania - 532

Heraklion - 708

Rethymnon 229

Lassithi 132

January 21st

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 21/1/22

20.507 New cases

108 Deaths 

679 Intubated

1937 New cases on Crete

Chania - 597

Heraklion - 816

Rethymnon 352

Lassithi 172



"Instructions from the Municipality of Apokoronas for the upcoming bad weather"

According to the meteorological forecasts, a change in the weather is expected in the coming days, with a noticeable drop in temperature, rainfall and snow in the mountains and semi-mountains of Apokoronas.

The citizens and visitors of our Municipality are asked to limit their movements, during the time of weather phenomena, to the absolutely necessary ones, taking the appropriate protection measures when the need arises. To be informed about the weather and the condition of the road network, to have at their disposal anti-skid chains and the tank full of fuel, to inform their relatives about the route they are going to follow, to change the schedule of their movements in order to avoid the peak of weather phenomena, to faithfully follow the instructions of the locally competent bodies, such as Traffic, etc.

We especially urge breeders to preserve their livestock, moving it to the lowlands, ensuring the necessary amount of food.

The mechanism of the Municipality on standby!


Mayor: 6948375990

Athitakis Ioannis (Deputy Mayor): 6948529398 ( Speaks English)

Markoulakis George: 6974506195


If you are travelling from Apokoronas to Chania, give yourself extra time as there are long delays due to road works. Will continue for some time. We had delays of about 15 minutes in each direction today. Unfortunately it is before the Souda turn off!

January 20th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 20/1/22

18.869 New cases

81 Deaths 

688 Intubated

1723 New cases on Crete

Chania - 492

Heraklion - 779

Rethymnon 309

Lassithi 143


Restrictive measures against the coronavirus currently in effect will be extended by yet another week to Monday, January 31, the Greek Health Ministry announced on Wednesday, following a meeting of the ministry’s committee of health experts.

The measures had been put into effect on Thursday, December 30, through Sunday, January 16 and were then extended by one more week to January 23. They include the closing of all bars, cafes, restaurants and music venues at midnight throughout the week. These must operate without music, and they cannot cater to more than 6 people per table, while all customers must be fully vaccinated and be seated at all times.

The use of high protection face masks (KN95 or FFP2) is also mandatory for all passengers in all means of public transport, and highly recommended in crowded public areas, either outdoors or indoors.

January 19th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 19/1/22

20.107 New cases

88 Deaths 

683 Intubated

1749 New cases on Crete

Chania - 572

Heraklion - 751

Rethymnon 287

Lassithi 139

January 18th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 18/1/22

23.340 New cases

106 Deaths 

673 Intubated

2.039 New cases on Crete

Chania - 620

Heraklion - 908

Rethymnon 326

Lassithi 185

January 17th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 17/1/22

18.834 New cases

101 Deaths 

672 Intubated

1.794 New cases on Crete

Chania - 547

Heraklion - 820

Rethymnon 260

Lassithi 165


The new state-of-the-art underground waste bins that have been installed on Almyrida seafront, have now been put into operation with the aim of aesthetic, functional and environmental upgrade of the Municipality of Apokoronas.

The whole system is based on automatic operation. The citizens, by pressing a floor piston, open the lid of the bin in order to deposit their waste and turn it off.   The new bins have voice and visual information for the user about the type of waste that each container receives.

Double underground bins for recyclable and mixed waste are already in operation, in Kalyves, Georgioupolis and Kavros.

The goal of the Municipality of Apokoronas is for the programme to be extended to many more points and to other Local Communities.


New walk on “Walks in Apokoronas” page

January 16th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 16/1/22

10.783 New cases

95 Deaths 

680 Intubated

1.097 New cases on Crete

Chania - 293

Heraklion - 496

Rethymnon 205

Lassithi 85

January 15th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 15/1/22

17.447New cases

78 Deaths 

686 Intubated

1.477 New cases on Crete

Chania - 486

Heraklion - 665

Rethymnon 212

Lassithi 144


Scheduled power cuts in our area this coming week:


8.00 - 15.00

Plaka - Almyrida - Kera - Kalyves - Tzivaras - Gavalohori - Aspro - Drapanos - Kokkino Chorio


08.30 - 15.00

Pemonia - Melidoni - Paidohori

January 14th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 14/1/22

19.772 New cases

72 Deaths 

679 Intubated

1.648 New cases on Crete

Chania - 474

Heraklion - 763

Rethymnon 267

Lassithi 144

January 13th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 13/1/22

20.409 New cases

80 Deaths 

664 Intubated

1.517 New cases on Crete

Chania - 458

Heraklion - 671

Rethymnon 260

Lassithi 128

January 12th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 12/1/22

24.246 New cases

77 Deaths 

670 Intubated

1.704 New cases on Crete

Chania - 483

Heraklion - 784

Rethymnon 275

Lassithi 162


The Health Ministry officially announced on Wednesday that ongoing pandemic measures will remain in effect until January 23, an extension of one week.

“Today the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health convened to examine the latest epidemiological data. It was decided that measures already in effect should be extended by another week,” stated the ministry in its official release.

The government had been hinting at this extension, with Government spokesperson Giannis Oikonomou stating that it would be a “premature conversation” and the “wrong message to send” when asked to discuss the possibility of easing restrictions.


I am having some problems with my computer  (It is dying on me I think) so please bear with me if updates are sporadic. I will continue to update the Facebook page as I can access it via my phone. I will update this page as long as the computer will allow me to!


The collection for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal here in Crete amounted to €1,091.41.

This message is from the RBL Poppy Appeal

“Many thanks for your kind donations.

‘Very happy New Year. Thank you very much for sending in your statement of accounts. Please accept our thanks for everything you continue to do for the Royal British Legion. Could you also pass our thanks to all your volunteers for their continued support.

Kind regards’

Grace Newland

Fundraising Relationship Assistant”


An iconic building of Chania will be closed for the next two years, due to restoration works.

The Municipal Market of Chania, in operations since 1913, will be “restored” over the next two years and today all vendors closed their shops. 

The Municipal Market of Chania, the large building of 4000 square meters in the center of Chania is the “heart” of the city. Its foundation works started on August 14, 1911, on the same spot where once stood the main rampart of the fortification during the Venetian period. The building was completed during the second half of 1913.

The official opening ceremony was led by the Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, three days after the unification of Crete with Greece, on December 4, 1913. The Municipal Market is cross shaped and has four entrances, one in each ward.

Today the Municipal Market houses many small shops that sell local products and souvenirs.


An administrative fine of 100 euros per month will be imposed as of next week on citizens over 60 who do not get vaccinated by Sunday, according to Health Minister Thanos Plevris.

Speaking to Skai TV, he clarified that the only exceptions are citizens who have applied for an exemption for medical reasons and their request has either been accepted or has not yet been examined.

Those who have applied for home vaccination will not face fines either. However, as General Secretary of Primary Healthcare Marios Themistokleous noted, it is extremely rare to have a health reason for non-vaccination. “Even if someone has a contraindication to one type of vaccine, they can be vaccinated with the other type of vaccine,” he stressed.

Since the vaccine mandate was announced, more than 180,000 appointments for first shots had been made up until Tuesday by people over 60. Many of these involve home vaccinations. Indicatively, two days before the compulsory vaccination announcement was made, applications for home vaccination stood at 23,865, compared to 76,900 that had been submitted up until Tuesday.

January 11th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 11/1/22

32.694 New cases

80 Deaths 

640 Intubated

2.275 New cases on Crete

Chania - 650

Heraklion - 1062

Rethymnon 335

Lassithi 228


The Municipality of Apokoronas is participating with a 5-member committee,

in the framework of the program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, for the reconnection of electricity to vulnerable households.

The Mayor of Apokoronas, Charalambos Koukianakis, stressed that they are always close to the vulnerable members of our society, approaching their problems, in the most effective way possible.

The emergency line for reconnection of electricity to vulnerable groups 15902 has been put into operation, which operates from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening. It can be contacted by households that are unable to pay their electricity bills and request a reconnection of their supply. A basic condition for the approval of the request is that the electricity supply has been interrupted due to overdue debts and they remain disconnected until the completion of the process. In addition, the reconnection request must relate to the main residence and meet specific income criteria that coincide with those of the Social Housing Invoice.

Responsible bodies for the examination of reconnection requests are the relevant Municipalities and HEDNO.

For information, the citizens of Apokoronas, in addition to the five-digit number 15902, can also contact the telephone numbers of the Municipality 2825340312 (Chrysoula Benaki)  and 2825340322 ( Katerina Margaritaki) during office hours.


The Region of Crete and the Municipality of Apokoronas, within the Social program for the support of vulnerable social groups of the population, implements the social action, entitled: "The Baby Dowry".

The action aims at alleviating material deprivation and reducing the risk of poverty and social exclusion of families and children in poverty, according to JMD DG 5291/10 / Government Gazette 128 / B24-01-2017), as well as enhancing their social inclusion by creating a supportive environment for healthy living and full development.

The baby dowry package provides FREE defined basic care and hygiene items for the needs of babies and specifically:


set of cradle sheets



one-piece underwear




care set


Beneficiaries of the action are the women residents of the Municipality of Apokoronas, beneficiaries of the Social Solidarity Income (KEA), who give birth in a Public Hospital and the donating of the baby items will take place with the cooperation of the Social Welfare Department of the Municipality of Crete .

For more information and to submit applications, call 28253.40312, Ms. Benaki Chrysoula - Head of the Department of Social Protection, Education and Culture D. Apokoronou.

January 10th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 10/1/22

27.766 New cases

85 Deaths 

654 Intubated

2.164 New cases on Crete

Chania - 641

Heraklion - 1053

Rethymnon 319

Lassithi 151


New walk up on the “Walks in Apokoronas” Page


The nominations for the election of the new president of the municipal council in Apokoronas ended with Maria Tsiledaki voted in for this position.

Historically, she is the first woman president of a municipal council in Apokoronas.

We wish her a good term in the role of the President of the Municipal Council

There are also three female Deputy Mayors in Apokoronas

January 9th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 9/1/22

18.592 New cases

66 Deaths 

642 Intubated

1.360 New cases on Crete

Chania - 364

Heraklion - 634

Rethymnon 252

Lassithi 110

January 8th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 8/1/22

37.676 New cases

65 Deaths 

634 Intubated

2.389 New cases on Crete

Chania - 728

Heraklion - 1137

Rethymnon 298

Lassithi 226

January 7th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 7/1/22

29.334 New cases

78 Deaths 

632 Intubated

2.322 New cases on Crete

Chania - 594

Heraklion - 1150

Rethymnon 390

Lassithi 188


Scheduled power cuts in our area next week:

Thursday  13.1.2022

08.00 - 15.00

Kera - Tsivaras - Douliana - Almyrida - Aspro - Gavalohori - Plaka - Kambia - Kokkino Chorio - Drapanos.

If work finishes earlier the power will return earlier

January 6th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 6/1/22

33.716 New cases

70 Deaths 

639 Intubated

2.309 New cases on Crete

Chania - 634

Heraklion - 1067

Rethymnon 412

Lassithi 196

January 5th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 5/1/22

43.386 New cases

62 Deaths 

628 Intubated

2.465 New cases on Crete

Chania - 630

Heraklion - 1259

Rethymnon 350

Lassithi 226

January 4th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 4/1/22

50.126 New cases

61 Deaths 

619 Intubated

2.835 New cases on Crete

Chania - 758

Heraklion - 1395

Rethymnon 420

Lassithi 262


"Schools will return normally on Monday 10th January, the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos has stated.

Three basic adjustments to the rules for schools:

1) An additional self test for the first week of January 10-15. Three free self tests.

2) The free 2 weekly self tests will be performed by both the vaccinated students and the vaccinated teachers

January 3rd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 3/1/22

36.246 New cases

78 Deaths 

615 Intubated

2.338 New cases on Crete

Chania - 687

Heraklion - 1109

Rethymnon 363

Lassithi 179

January 2nd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 2/1/22

17.633 New cases

61 Deaths 

626 Intubated

1.314 New cases on Crete

Chania - 325

Heraklion - 650

Rethymnon 234

Lassithi 105

January 1st 2020

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 1/1/22

30.010 New cases

59 Deaths 

620 Intubated

1616 New cases on Crete

Chania - 471

Heraklion - 830

Rethymnon 207

Lassithi 111

December 31st

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 31/12/21

40.560 New cases

76 Deaths 

627 Intubated

1870 New cases on Crete

Chania - 486

Heraklion - 1002

Rethymnon 254

Lassithi 128

Someone was asking about figures re vaccinated/ unvaccinated:

Among intubated patients, 541 (86.28%) are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and 86 (13.72%) are fully vaccinated. ( Today’s figures)


The Financial Service and the Fund of the Municipality of Apokoronas will remain closed from Monday, January 3, until Wednesday, January 12, due to data transfer and other work of transition to the new Financial year.

The other services of the Municipality will operate normally.

December 30th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 30/12/21

35.580 New cases

72 Deaths 

636 Intubated

1576 New cases on Crete

Chania - 424

Heraklion - 830

Rethymnon 213

Lassithi 109

December 29th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 29/12/21

28.828 New cases

72 Deaths 

620 Intubated

1091 New cases on Crete

Chania - 295

Heraklion - 592

Rethymnon 128

Lassithi 76


The New measures coming in from 6a.m. TOMORROW 30/12/21

The Minister of Health Thanos Plevris announced today at 15.00 the new measures that will be valid from tomorrow at 6.00.

Entertainment - catering -  With the exception of New Year's Eve

Entertainment and catering will be open until 12 at night, only seated, at tables for six people, no standing at the bar etc and without music.

Exception is New Year's Eve when the venues will be open until two in the morning but with the same restrictive conditions. - No Music- etc

Mr. Plevris also said that it would be good for everyone to take a test before meeting up, even at home.

All the other measures that were announced are valid from tomorrow and have to do with teleworking and the use of a double mask.


Mandatory use of FFP2 / KN95 mask or double surgical or fabric mask in supermarkets and public transport as well as catering workers

Recommendation for double mask or high protection where there are crowded areas


Teleworking in both public and private sectors up to 50% with rolling hours

Regarding the situation in the national health system, he said that those who have been affected by the Delta mutation have been mainly treated, but at the same time in the community it seems that the Omicron mutation is the dominant one. As he mentioned, the system is still under pressure from the Delta mutation, which is why the government is in  in full agreement with  private structures to provide  beds and staff.

According to Mr. Plevris, the committee unanimously called on the citizens to be vaccinated, the vaccines cover the Omicron mutation, and not to spread false news that the vaccines do not cover it, he stressed.

He also said that the government will re-evaluate the whole framework both in terms of the obligation of vaccinations and for the time when the certificates will be valid.

December 28th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 28/12/21

21.657 New cases

60 Deaths 

635 Intubated

823 New cases on Crete

Chania - 235

Heraklion - 435

Rethymnon 92

Lassithi 61

No - the figures above are not a typo!


The Covid free.gr wallet that many of us use to show our vaccination status has been upgraded today. There is now another page where you can add your id. Just go to updates in your apps.

This is not compulsory, you can still use paper forms and your normal id if you want to.

December 27th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 27/12/21

9.284 New cases

66 Deaths 

629 Intubated

456 New cases on Crete

Chania - 164

Heraklion - 221

Rethymnon 44

Lassithi 36


New measures from the 3rd to the 16th of January

New measures to reduce the pandemic were announced on Monday afternoon by the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris.

"The pandemic and the mutation of Omicron are in the Greek territory and especially in Attica. This has worried us. Regarding the timing of the measures: "There is no particular pressure on the NSS and so the measures will take effect from 03/01/2022", said the Minister of Health.

The Minister of Health appealed especially to the young people to avoid contact with their parents and grandparents in the coming days.

“Be careful to follow the measures and have fun but the next day to do a check especially if you come in contact with people over 60 years old."

The measures will be valid until January 16 and are as follows:

Mandatory use of high respiratory protection mask (FP2) or double mask in supermarkets and on public transport and the wearing of them by catering staff, but also where there are crowds.

Opening hours until 12 midnight, up to 6 people per table and no standing in entertainment and dining venues.  He warned that if the measures are not observed, music will be banned.

At the stadiums: Limit to 10% with a maximum of 1,000 people. If the measures are not observed, all the matches will be held behind closed doors.

In nursing homes only visit by PCR testing and the same in hospitals.

Teleworking in private and public sector up to 50% and rolling hours. It will depend on the capabilities of each service.

These new measures come into force on Monday, January 3, 2022 and will be valid until January 16,  they may be extended if necessary.

December 26th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 26/12/21

4.036 New cases

79 Deaths 

624 Intubated

270 New cases on Crete

Chania - 98

Heraklion - 136

Rethymnon 25

Lassithi 11

December 25th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 25/12/21

6.590 New cases

58 Deaths 

617 Intubated

299 New cases on Crete

Chania - 114

Heraklion - 141

Rethymnon 26

Lassithi 18


The Christmas “Distribution of Love" from the Social Supermarket of   D. Apokoronas was successfully completed this year, with "home" deliveries to 350 beneficiaries belonging to vulnerable social groups.

Christmas is primarily a time when love, offering and mutual help touch us all and we join forces to support all those who need it.

We want to thank all our fellow citizens, professionals and ordinary citizens, students of all levels of Education, the volunteers of the Social Clothing Store, the Cultural Associations and especially the Cooperative Bank of Chania who offered goods, but above all humanity and love to pass on. Apokoronians "warm" and beautiful holidays.

Merry Christmas, Blessed and Happy New Year

with health, love, mutual help and optimism !!

Xronia Polla !!

December 24th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 24/12/21

7.665 New cases

94 Deaths 

624 Intubated

362 New cases on Crete

Chania - 111

Heraklion - 176

Rethymnon 53

Lassithi 22

I don’t know if there will be any figures released tomorrow. I will put them up if I see them.


Fines for non wearing of masks:

As of Friday, December 24, the use of the mask is now mandatory both indoors and outdoors, as part of the coronavirus measures announced by the government to limit the spread of the Omicron mutation.

The Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, clarified that the fine for using the mask has not changed, which means that offenders will have to pay a fine of 150 euros.

What if you do not pay the fine?

If the offender does not pay the fine of 150 euros for not using a mask, then this is sent to the tax office.

This means that if the offender does not pay, then the tax office can make the moves, similar to those it makes for tax debts, ie seizures or set-off with possible tax refund.

Where do you pay the fine and how?

The details of the offender must be entered when the fines are made, the A.F.M. and the Police ID / Passport Number, describe the violation found and indicate the amount of the fine imposed.

If you object and it is rejected, then within 15 days you will have to pay the amount imposed on you, in five ways:

Via electronic payment (e-payment) of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration.

Directly from the website https://www.gsis.gr/ e-paravolo (Greek Public Agency / Horizontal fees)

At the Citizens' Service Centres (KEP)

At the Banks

At  the Tax Office

How do you object?

If fine is imposed on you and you consider that it was imposed unfairly, you have the right within five days from the confirmation of the violation and to express your relevant objections exclusively electronically. The electronic submission of objections is made to the relevant address that is indicated in the form of the Fine Imposition.

The objections of the citizen or shopkeeper are submitted to the Head of the Service or Authority to which the body belongs (Police, SEPE, Municipal Police, Coast Guard), in accordance with the provisions of the relevant JMC "Emergency measures to protect public health from danger further spread of COVID-19 coronavirus ".

The decision examining the objections must be fully reasoned with reference to specific facts and figures. If the objection has been made to the services of the Labor Inspection Body (S.E.P.E.), a reasoned decision is issued by the Head of the Service on the objections within two working days.

When the objection is made to a fine submitted by the Police, the municipal police or the port, then a three-member committee is formed which examines the objections within two working days and with a reasoned report on the specific incidents and facts, accepts or rejects them. If the objections are rejected, the fine is validated.

December 23rd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 23/12/21

6.667 New cases

71 Deaths 

655 Intubated

302 New cases on Crete

Chania - 121

Heraklion - 126

Rethymnon 41

Lassithi 14


The government has announced new measures after the suggestions of the experts for the reduction of  coronavirus after the appearance of the Omicron mutation.

What is valid from tomorrow at 6 in the morning until January 3

The announcements come after the elaboration by the government of yesterday's proposal of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health.

In the last two days, there has been an increase in cases and we are trying to contain it, said the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris. Regarding Omicron, the contagion rate is very high, while there are optimistic messages about the morbidity, in 10-15 days we will have a clearer picture, he noted, adding that it is imperative to take measures.

What is valid from tomorrow at 6 in the morning until January 3:

The mask is mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas.

For closed spaces such as supermarkets and public transport, he spoke of a double mask or high protection KN95.

Public festivities are canceled.

Travellers coming to Greece will be required to repeat the test on the second and fourth day after entering the country

Strong recommendation for testing before any social event.

According to Mr. Plevris, from January 3, the new measures will concern entertainment in terms of opening hours, sports events and teleworking.

He said that the schools will open normally, while the protocol according to which they will operate can be examined.

According to the minister, new measures will be taken from January 3 onwards, and the committee will meet again on Monday to review the new data.

The mask KN-95 is required according to experts in areas with increased risk of transmission of the coronavirus

The use of a double simple mask or mask KN-95 increased protection, for the entry of citizens in supermarkets and MMM was announced today by the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of the Omicron mutation.

What is the mask KN-95?

This is a mask with five levels of protection and specially designed filter layers that provide great protection against viral viruses, thanks to nanofiber filtration technology.

According to an earlier circular, N95 or KN95 or FFP2 high respiratory protection masks offer 94-95% protection, are disposable and should not be combined with a second mask, but should be worn alone.

They must be CE certified and have no exhalation valve, which allows the airborne droplets containing the virus to escape.

This is a mask that according to experts is required in areas with an increased risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

According to the published data, regarding the effectiveness of KN95, this type of mask provides respiratory protection designed with a tight enough application on the skin of the face, in order to effectively filter the particles in the air, including bacteria.

According to experts, KN95 can filter up to 95% of hazardous particles 0.3 microns in size: dust, moisture droplets, vapours.

In addition it helps to block the entry of biological mask fluids into others, for example when you cough or sneeze. At the same time it reduces the negative effect of small aerosol particles coming from the surrounding environment.

The lifespan of the KN95 reusable mask is approximately 6 to 8 hours of continuous use.

You can buy the masks at the pharmacy

Source: cnn.gr


Elements of the Greek police identity card will be incorporated in the Covid free application to make it easier to verify the identify of the holder of a vaccination certificate, a minister has said.

The Covid Free GR app for mobile phones and tablets is aimed at making it easier for citizens to display proof of immunity when entering a store or an indoor venue that does not cater to unvaccinated patrons.

Speaking to Parliament on Wednesday, Deputy Digital Governance Minister Theodoros Livanios said the personal details that will be stored in the Covid free app will be the photograph, the name and date of birth.

“We have all noticed that when we go to a store, according to the measures that exist against the spread of the coronavirus, together with the certificate that we have on our mobile phone or in paper form, they ask us for the identity to see if the name coincides with the person who wants to enter a store,” he told lawmakers.

“In a few days,” he continued, these details will be incorporated in the app so that people will only be required to show one certificate to enter a Covid free space.

December 22nd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 22/12/21

5.641 New cases

69 Deaths 

665 Intubated

326 New cases on Crete

Chania - 149

Heraklion - 115

Rethymnon 56

Lassithi 6

December 21st

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 21/12/21

6.424 New cases

77 Deaths 

661 Intubated

370 New cases on Crete

Chania - 162

Heraklion - 147

Rethymnon 41

Lassithi 20


St Thomas‘  Kefalas Christmas Services over Christmas:


Friday, December 24, 2021 Christmas Eve

·    11:30 PM: The First Holy Communion of Christmas.
This will be a said service with Christmas Carols

Saturday, December 25, 2021 Christmas Day

·    11:00 am: Holy Communion.
This will be a sung service with Christmas Carols.
This will be available by Zoom. 

Sunday, December 26, 2021 The First Sunday of Christmas

·    11:00 am: Holy Communion.
This will be a sung service with Christmas Carols (different ones!).
This will be available by Zoom. 

As per government regulations, Covid 19 restrictions for churches will

apply to all our services. Thus, masks are to be worn, social distancing will be observed, and either a Vaccination Certificate or a negative lab test certificate, with Photo ID, will be required to be shown at the door.

Please check our website for up-to-date information at https://www.theanglicanchurchincrete.co.uk/

December 20th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 20/12/21

3,689 New cases

85 Deaths 

670 Intubated

258 New cases on Crete

Chania - 119

Heraklion - 103

Rethymnon 32

Lassithi 4


The Municipality of Apokoronas, in collaboration with the 7th RAE, the Regional Unit of Chania and the Mobile Health Unit (KOMY) of EODY Chania, has scheduled free mass sampling tests for rapid antigen detection of Covid-19 on Wednesday, December 22nd at the following places:

1.Vrysses, hall of the cultural association, time 9: 00-10: 00 ( Car park by the Town Hall)

2.Vamos, former town hall.time 10: 30-11: 30

3.Fres, hall of the cultural association, time 12: 00-13: 00

Attendees must know their AMKA or ID number as well as apply personal protection measures and keep their distance.

We also inform that for non-vaccinated citizens, the digital certificate of result from gov.gr is available only if the test has been performed in a private diagnostic centre.


The Greek authorities have now updated the official Greek Brexit website https://brexit.gov.gr/ confirming that holders of valid UK-issued driving licences, residing permanently or temporarily in Greece, will be able to drive in Greece without restrictions after the end of the year, when interim provisions expire.

Please note that Article 25 of the new law only references UK and Gibraltar-issued driving licences; those issued by Crown Dependencies were not included, as it was the case with interim provisions put in place until the end of 2021 (Circular issued on 27 April 2021).

We are awaiting for further clarifications from the Greek authorities, so if you hold a driving licence issued by the Isle of Man or Channel islands, we would advise you to contact the Greek authorities directly in order to enquire what the rules will be from 1 January 2022. You can use the contact form available here https://brexit.gov.gr/contact/ or contact the Transport office in your area of residence.

The Living in Greece Guide on GOV.UK www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-greece will be updated shortly.

December 19th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 19/12/21

2,831 New cases

91 Deaths 

662 Intubated

203 New cases on Crete

Chania - 76

Heraklion - 85

Rethymnon 31

Lassithi 11

December 18th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 18/12/21

4.345 New cases

63 Deaths 

684 Intubated

253 New cases on Crete

Chania - 96

Heraklion - 112

Rethymnon 32

Lassithi 13

December 17th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 17/12/21

4.766 New cases

85 Deaths 

684 Intubated

286 New cases on Crete

Chania - 95

Heraklion - 120

Rethymnon 57

Lassithi 14


Scheduled power cuts in Apokoronas next week

Tuesday 21st December 08.00 - 15.00

Pemona - Ag Pantes - Vrysses - Nippos - Vafes - Fres


Nearly Christmas. The Christmas carol above was written and composed by my Mother. (She has been ill recently and came home from hospital yesterday)


Foreign travellers can opt to show a rapid antigen test or a PCR test to enter Greece, the country said on Thursday, amending a rule it announced only the day before to help curb the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Health authorities said on Wednesday that the measure – which will be in effect from December 19 – would require a PCR test no more than 48 hours old.

Previously, proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 or negative testing were necessary to travel to Greece.

On Thursday, slightly broader options for the testing were announced – with all travellers aged over five needing to show either a PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before their arrival or a rapid test 24 hours before arriving.

“The Omicron variant prompted our country to take one-off measures for foreign visitors,” government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou said.

He said the restrictions would apply for the Christmas period and were aimed to delay the spread of the pandemic to give Greek people more time to get booster shots. [Reuters]

December 16th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 16/12/21

4.696 New cases

96 Deaths 

692 Intubated

259 New cases on Crete

Chania - 84

Heraklion - 120

Rethymnon 32

Lassithi 23


Travellers from the United Kingdom and Denmark will need to procure a negative PCR test to enter Greece as of this Sunday, along with their vaccination certificate, the Health Ministry announced Wednesday.

People who stayed in these two countries for less than 48 hours are exempt from testing. The test must be taken 48 hours before the trip.

The measure is part of an effort to control the Covid-19 pandemic, the ministry said, adding that it will take effect at 6 a.m. on Sunday


Social Supermarket Clothes Store - Nippos.

 We would like to advise you that your last chance to get a bargain from the store in 2021 will be Tuesday 21st December.

We will then close for an extended period to include the whole of the month of January 2022 .

 We are scheduled to reopen on the 1st February 2022 

We are proud & happy to report that during 2021 we have been able to hand over an amazing sum of €3330  to the Apokoronas Social Supermarket, ( we will shortly be able to advise you of a breakdown of how these funds were actually used)

This sum takes the cumulative total of funds raised to well over €21000 since 2015.

We have to thank all & everyone who has supported us over the years and continue to do so by giving us your donations of clothes etc as well as by visiting the store to buy your bargains.

We would advise that The Town Hall in Vrysses will no longer accept donations of clothes, shoes etc - they are now instructing that they are taken to Kalives,

However, if you want us to benefit from your donations we would ask that you bring them directly to us at the store when we are open each Tuesday ( from 10.am until 12.noon)

We regret any inconvenience that our extended closure may cause & hope that we will see you all again next year when we reopen, in the meantime we wish you all a Very Merry & Healthy Christmas & New Year.

Pat, Gill. Jacqui & Susan.

December 15th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 15/12/21

4.801 New cases

77 Deaths 

683 Intubated

282 New cases on Crete

Chania - 62

Heraklion - 121

Rethymnon 44

Lassithi 26


I realised that there was a problem with the useful phone numbers page. Now fixed. There is also updating on the Deputy Mayors page. ( some proof reading and editing still ongoing, but it is up)

December 14th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 14/12/21

5.736 New cases

130 Deaths 

700 Intubated

335 New cases on Crete

Chania - 103

Heraklion - 179

Rethymnon 30

Lassithi 23


An unvaccinated Greek commentator and publisher died of respiratory failure and resulting complications from Covid-19 on Tuesday, focusing public attention on the large number of older people in Greece who still haven’t received their shots as the country struggles with a spike in infections and deaths.

Giorgos Trangas, 72, died at a state hospital in Athens after being admitted on December 4 with severe breathing difficulties. He was unvaccinated, and had recently formed a small political party, Free People, that was critical of vaccine mandates and lockdown measures.

With a quarter of the adult population unvaccinated, Greece is suffering a third major surge of infections this winter with the Covid-19 death rate just below peak levels recorded a year ago.

The government has imposed a vaccination mandate on residents over age 60 to be enforced in January with a 100-euro ($110) monthly fine, while vaccination certificates will also expire after seven months for seniors who fail to get a booster shot.

Trangas’ doctor, Christos Zoupas, said he had pleaded with him to get vaccinated.

“I think he thought that he would just tough it out, the way he had with so many other things in his life, as if it’s like getting the flu,” Zoupas told state-run ERT television. “I tried to persuade him to get vaccinated up until the last moment.” [AP]

December 13th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 13/12/21

3.841 New cases

96 Deaths 

709 Intubated

268 New cases on Crete

Chania - 62

Heraklion - 151

Rethymnon 34

Lassithi 21

December 12th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 12/12/21

3.225 New cases

90 Deaths 

708 Intubated

231 New cases on Crete

Chania - 49

Heraklion - 127

Rethymnon 41

Lassithi 14


Sunday, 19 DECEMBER



Traditional Carol Service

(Proceeds to charity)

Mulled wine and Homemade fruit cake will be available after the service

(The Greek government’s Covid 19 restrictions for churches apply to all our services; masks are to be worn and social distancing will be observed, and a Vaccination Certificate or a negative lab test certificate with photo ID will be required to be shown at the door)

For Information Call: The Revd Canon Dr. D. Bruce Bryant-Scott + 30 698 557 0353

E-Mail: bbryantscott@gmail.com.

December 11th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 11/12/21

4.761 New cases

72 Deaths 

705 Intubated

253 New cases on Crete

Chania - 60

Heraklion - 141

Rethymnon 23

Lassithi 29


From Monday, December 13, citizens over 60 who have received the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine  and seven months have passed without having the third dose life will change. If 7 months have passed since the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and they have not had the booster dose, then they will be considered unvaccinated.

if they have not had the booster dose and 7 months have passed since their second dose, they will be considered unvaccinated. In other words, they will have the limitations that the unvaccinated have.

In practical terms, this means that they will not have access to a number of enclosed spaces such as catering and entertainment. According to SKAI, the ministerial decision is expected in the next few hours, in which the details regarding the restrictions will be detailed.

Those people who have certificates due to having had the illness - the certificates will now last for 3 months, not 6 as before

December 10th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 10/12/21

5.o87 New cases

103 Deaths 

702 Intubated

272 New cases on Crete

Chania - 62

Heraklion - 137

Rethymnon 47

Lassithi 26


Scheduled power cuts for our area next week:

Wednesday 15th Dec: 08.00 - 15.00

Kalyves - Almyrida - Plaka - Kokkino Chorio - Drapanos - Gavalohori - Tzivaras - Douliana

Thursday 16th December 08.30 - 15.00

Souri - Likotinera - Sellia

Friday 17th December - 08.30 - 15.00

Ramni - Melidoni - Pemonia

December 9th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 9/12/21

5.523 New cases

81  Deaths 

708 Intubated

301 New cases on Crete

Chania - 54

Heraklion - 204

Rethymnon 22

Lassithi 21


The Mayor of Apokoronas, the Municipal Council, the Local Councils and the Public Vocational School of Apokoronas invite you to the lighting of the Christmas tree  on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 18.00 in the courtyard of the Town Hall in Vrysses, Apokoronas.

The event will include live music by Manolis Stagakis and Katerina Manousaki. A small treat will follow.

Your presence will greatly honour us.

The Mayor of Apokoronas

Charalambos Koukianakis

December 8th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 8/12/21

5.899 New cases

81  Deaths 

709 Intubated

304 New cases on Crete

Chania - 53

Heraklion - 179

Rethymnon 37

Lassithi 35

December 7th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 7/12/21

7.009 New cases

99  Deaths 

697 Intubated

343 New cases on Crete

Chania - 66

Heraklion - 215

Rethymnon 37

Lassithi 25

December 6th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 6/12/21

4.943 New cases

116  Deaths 

714 Intubated

263 New cases on Crete

Chania - 53

Heraklion - 159

Rethymnon 34

Lassithi 17


A young woman, a nurse who works at Vamos health centre has been diagnosed with a rare type of Cancer. Some of you may know this young woman. Her mother Johanna has the kafeneion at the corner in Agii Pandes. There has been a Go Fund Me set up in her name. If you would like to support it the details are here:https://www.gofundme.com/f/v27ewf-help-koula-get-her-surgery?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet


Shopping hours over the Christmas and New Year holidays:

-Sunday 12/12/2021 11.00 - 18.00

-Monday 13/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Tuesday 14/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Wednesday 15/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Thursday 16/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Friday 17/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Saturday 18/12/2021 10.00 - 18.00

-Sunday 19/12/2021 11.00 - 18.00

-Monday 20/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Tuesday 21/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Wednesday 22/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Thursday 23/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Friday 24/12/2021 10.00 - 18.00

-Saturday 25/12/2021 HOLIDAY

-Sunday 26/12/2021 HOLIDAY

-Monday 27/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Tuesday 28/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Wednesday 29/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Thursday 30/12/2021 10.00 - 21.00

-Friday 31/21/2021 10.00 - 18.00

-Saturday 1/1/2022 HOLIDAY

-Sunday 2/1/2022 CLOSED

December 5th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 5/12/21

3.526 New cases

79  Deaths 

715 Intubated

226 New cases on Crete

Chania - 29

Heraklion - 147

Rethymnon 24

Lassithi 26

December 4th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 4/12/21

5.157 New cases

88  Deaths 

697 Intubated

222 New cases on Crete

Chania - 50

Heraklion - 116

Rethymnon 42

Lassithi 14

December 3rd

From Friday evening, citizens will be able to book their booster shot for the Covid-19 vaccine three months after their second vaccine, a Health Ministry official has announced.

Marios Themistokleous, secretary-general for Primary Health Care at the ministry, said the vaccine booking website would be updated with the new procedures.

He said that the National Vaccination Committee had reviewed the recommendations made to it and decided that all citizens over 18 years of age can take the third dose three months after the second dose.

Similarly, people who have contracted the virus can take third dose three months after their diagnosis.

For those who have taken the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the situation will not change. They can take a booster two months after their first dose.

Themistokleous said that on Thursday alone, 30,000 bookings for the first vaccine dose were made. Of the bookings, 17,000 came from people aged of 60 and over.

He added that since the government’s announcement that all over-60s must be vaccinated by mid-January, a total of 45,000 bookings have been made from that age group.

In Greece, 78% of the adult population has been vaccinated, he said.


Power cuts in our area next week:

Tuesday 7th December :

08.00 - 11.30

Georgioupolis - Mouri - Kournas - Kastelos - Patima

12.00 - 14.30


Thursday 9th December:

08.30 - 15.00

Litsarda - Souri - Sellia - Likotinera


Today’s Covid figures for Greece 3/12/21

6.201 New cases

97  Deaths 

694 Intubated

308 New cases on Crete

Chania - 58

Heraklion - 186

Rethymnon 49

Lassithi 15

December 2nd

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 2/12/21

6.260 New cases

89  Deaths 

704 Intubated

294 New cases on Crete

Chania - 67

Heraklion - 156

Rethymnon 55

Lassithi 16

The first case of the Omicron Covid variant in Greece has been found in the Chania area. A visitor from South Africa come to spend the holiday season here!

December 1st

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 1/12/21

6.196 New cases

75 Deaths 

690 Intubated

286 New cases on Crete

Chania - 68

Heraklion - 145

Rethymnon 53

Lassithi 20


The government on Wednesday presented lawmakers with an amendment on mandatory vaccination measures announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday, attached to a Health Ministry bill that is scheduled to be voted on in Parliament later in the day.

The amendment stipulates that every person born before or on December 31, 1961 and who is a resident of Greece is required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 “for the imperative protection of public health” before January 16.

Effectively, this means that every person aged over 60 years old will have to be inoculated by January 15. The only exception are people who have either recently recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months and those who can prove to be at risk from vaccination because of other health issues.

Persons in that age group who fail to get vaccinated by the deadline, will be fined 100 euros for every month that they remain unvaccinated. For January only, those that get the first dose by January 15, the fine will be halved to 50 euros. If the first dose is received on or after January 16, the full fine will be imposed.

The fines will stop being collected on the first day of the month following that in which a first vaccine dose was received, while all fines will be automatically collected by the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE).

The sums raised in fines will be used only to bolster the national health system as part of the effort to manage the pandemic.

The amendment also stipulates that the time when the measures cease to be in force are to be decided by the health minister, based on epidemiological data. [AMNA]

November 30th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 30/11/21

7.486 New cases

88 Deaths 

664 Intubated

335 New cases on Crete

Chania - 59

Heraklion - 208

Rethymnon 52

Lassithi 24


Greece said on Tuesday it would make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for people aged 60 and over, a drastic step for the country grappling with a new surge in coronavirus cases.

Authorities said they would impose a 100 euro ($114) fine on every individual over the age of 60 who was not vaccinated.

The measure would apply each month from January 16 onwards.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek Prime Minister, said he struggled with the decision, but it was necessary to protect more than half a million elderly Greeks who had failed to get the jab.

“Its the price to pay for health,” he said.

About 63% of Greece’s around 11 million population is fully vaccinated. While vaccine appointments have picked up in recent weeks, health ministry data shows there are 520,000 people over the age of 60 who have failed to get a jab.

“We are focusing our efforts on protection of our fellow citizens and for this reason their vaccination will be mandatory from now on,” Mitsotakis told a cabinet meeting.

“Greeks over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated must, by January 16, book an appointment for their first dose, or else they will face a 100 euro administrative fine every month,” Mitsotakis told his cabinet.

He did not say how this would be enforced. A 100 euro fine is a hefty chunk of the average monthly 730 euro pension.

“[The decision] tortured me, but I feel a heavy responsibility in standing next to those most vulnerable, even if it might fleetingly displease them,” he said.

Greece this month barred unvaccinated people from indoor spaces including restaurants, cinemas, museums and gyms as daily Covid-19 cases hit record highs.

It has recorded 931,183 infections and 18,067 deaths since the start of the pandemic last year. [Reuters]

No, I do not know how it will affect foreign residents yet!

November 29th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 29/11/21

6.677 New cases

104 Deaths 

657 Intubated

336 New cases on Crete

Chania - 74

Heraklion - 189

Rethymnon 52

Lassithi 21


  1. BritishPrime Minister confirms new, temporary measures to respond to emergence of UK cases of the Omicron variant

  2. All international arrivals to the UK to take a Day 2 PCR test and self-isolate until they receive a negative test

  3. Face coverings to be made compulsory in shops and public transport

  4. Measures are precautionary, and will be reviewed in three weeks

November 28th

Today’s Covid figures for Greece 28/11/21

3.823 New cases

96 Deaths 

647 Intubated

193 New cases on Crete

Chania - 37

Heraklion - 109

Rethymnon 41

Lassithi 6


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