local Elections


 You probably know by now that Mr Koukianakis remains your mayor.

 The council does not change until September1st.

 As most of you probably already know, E.M.A.A.K. technically won the election by some 800 votes. However in order for one party to win control they must gain 50% +

This means that this coming Sunday 2nd June we go to the polls again. This time just the top two parties go head to head. (See the figures below) The other two do not take part.

It is therefore  important that you cast your vote once again. It will be much quicker and simpler this time. 

You are voting for the Mayor and council that you wish to be in control for the next 5 years.

You will be given a ballot paper for each of the two parties.

 You do NOT make any mark on the paper, simply choose the one of the party you wish to support, fold it and place it in the envelope.

You will go to the same polling stations, which will be open once again from 7 am to 7 pm.

There will not be any other elections taking place this time.

Anyone who has any problems at the polling station or has any questions about the vote please contact me.

The parties taking part this time are:

 E.M.A.A.K - Mr. Koukianakis - the party I am standing for - and I hope you will allow us to continue our ten year plan.

A.E.E.K.P - Mr Sgourakis

Currently I do not know how many votes I received personally in the first round. I hope to know in the next couple of days. Thank you for all your good wishes.

As always there is plenty of information on the website .

  1. 1.Yes you do need to take your passport again

  2. 2.Yes, if you did not go to vote last week you can vote this week ( providing you are registered)





3. ΑΠΟΚΟΡΩΝΑΣ Η ΓΗ ΜΑΣ (ΚΑΡΑΓΙΑΝΝΑΚΗΣ ΠΑΝΤΕΛΗΣ): 23,21% (2.231 ψήφοι) Mr Karagiannakis


Best wishes




(Ε.Μ.Α.Α.Κ.) (ΚΟΥΚΙΑΝΑΚΗΣ ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ): 39,22% (3.769 ψήφοι)




  2. 5.

What does this mean? Next Sunday the first two parties will go head to head. this time you only vote for the party - no marks on the papers, just choose the party you want and put the paper in the envelope. The village reps you voted for will remain the same and the councillors will not receive any more individual votes. This vote is every bit as important as last Sunday's.

  1. 1.The local and European elections will take place on Sunday 26th May 2019

  1. 2.You will be entitled to vote in the Local Government elections, the Regional elections ( Periferia) and the European elections

3.If you have already registered to vote in the local elections it still stands, you do not need to re register.

4. If you have not registered it is now too late to do so.

  1. 3.If you have moved house and not changed residence details at the town hall, your registration will still be valid - in the village where you registered originally. i.e if you voted last time in Georgioupolis and have moved to Almyrida you will still have to vote in Georgioupolis.  ( If you are not sure please contact us by email: info@apokoronasourhome.com and it can be checked for you.

  1. 4.Your polling station is likely to be your village hall or school. Polls are traditionally open from sunrise to sunset. In effect this means 7am till 7 pm

5. Take your passport and your residents permit with you if you have one.

6. There is a change from last time - your village representative will be a separate vote on another paper and you vote for them independently.

7.  Local Elections - you will be given a paper from each of the parties standing. (That is four parties) You choose the party you wish to vote for - the name of the Mayoral candidate is on the top - and the name of the party. You do not vote directly for the mayor - you vote for your councillors.

8. The paper is divided into two. the first names are the candidates standing for the council in your area ( i.e the old municipal areas of Vamos, Vrysses (Kryoneridas), Georgioupolis, Fres and Asi Gonia) The second list of names are the candidates in the other areas

9. Please note that you use a + against the name

10. You put your + s against the names you wish. The number of +s depends on the population where you live:

Vamos 3 votes inside your area and 1 outside

Vrysses 3 votes inside your area and 1 outside

Georgioupolis 3 votes inside your area and 1 outside

Fres 1 vote inside your area and one outside

Asi Gonia 1 vote inside your area and one outside

You then fold your paper up and place it in the envelope. Discard the unused ones.

11. Votes for village reps will be on a separate paper and they are all standing independently  this time. I suggest you find out who is standing in your own village before the date.


1. Q. What if I cannot remember if I am registered, or which village?

    A. Send me an email and I can check it for you

  1. 2.Q.What if I have changed my passport since the last elections?

   A.This should not be a problem as your name etc has not changed.

   If by some chance you find you are refused at the polls for this reason there will be someone on duty all day at Vrysses town hall who will issue you with a stamped paper you can take back to the polls. You can of course phone me and I will contact her.

  1. 3.Q. What happens when I first go into the polling station?

  A.You will go to the table and hand over your I.D. You will be given four papers - one from each party standing (Make sure before you go that you know which one you want to support - name logo etc.) You go into the curtained booth and make your vote.

  1. 4.Q. What about the other elections taking place?

     A.This is up to you if you wish to take part. I cannot help very much. If you would like any info please send me an email - I can only give you suggestions such as who I am supporting or someone I know that speaks good English etc.

  1. 5.Q.What about the vote for village reps?

  2. A.I do have a list of the names of everyone standing in the different villages - to find out more please come along to one of my meetings or send an email and I will let you know who is standing in your village.

  3. B.You will first be given the papers for the council election - you vote and put your envelope in the box, then they will give you the papers for the village rep vote and you repeat the procedure.


Message from the British Ambassador to British residents in Greece


I know that many of you are following closely political developments back in the UK and are aware that last week the UK and the EU agreed an extension of the Article 50 deadline until 31 October 2019.

This is a flexible extension, so if a deal on EU Exit is approved before the end of October, the UK will leave the EU on the first day of the month after that deal is approved.

This means that unless a deal is approved in early May, the UK will hold European Parliamentary elections. If you are registered to vote in these elections, you could vote here in Greece. You can find further details on voting status in the Living in Greece guide: www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-greece#voting

I understand that uncertainty remains, and that you want to know on what terms we are going to leave the EU and what this means for you. I would like to assure you that we here at the British Embassy Athens and across the British Consular Network Greece will continue to provide you with information on all aspects of EU Exit as soon as it becomes available.

We also continue to work closely with the Greek authorities. The Greek Government’s EU Exit online platform has recently published an explainer (in English) of the Law 4604/2019 that protects the rights of UK nationals and their family members living in Greece, in the event of no deal. You can read more here: bit.ly/2IolbdA

Until new information becomes available, I would ask you to please:

- check the Living in Greece guide (bit.ly/LivingInGreece) for current information and details on the steps you are advised to take

- subscribe for updates to the Living in Greece guide (bit.ly/2ECA3Dz)

- and of course like/ follow the @BritsinGreece Facebook page

In the meantime, allow me to wish all of you a very Happy Easter.

Kind regards,

Kate Smith CMG

HM Ambassador


There will follow information on the practicalities of how to vote, where to go etc - This will include local, regional and European elections whoever you decide to vote for!

Useful information re voting